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Blind Cat Missing (2024) SAURO! (2024) Sweet, Soft Gollum (2023) The Green Piano (2020) Land Ho (2018) Gardenaire (2017) Her Bows (2016) juiceboxberries (2016)

Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias began
as a recording project in 2014 with
singer/songwriter Don Thompson (The Wilsons,
Porps, This Jungle, Boxes of Love, Girl for Samson, Real Flower Pots),
bassist Dave Swiercinsky and Mike Tankersley on
keyboards. Allen Johnston was added later
as the primary recording drummer on juiceboxberries,
Her Bows, Gardenaire & Land Ho.

In fall of 2017 Bryan Mace was added as a
percussionist and the band began performing
spirited acoustic interpretations of the songs
live in Kansas City Metro venues.

In late 2018 Shannon Swift (vocals and
keyboards) and Daniel Button (guitar,
keyboards and vocals) joined the live version
of the group.

Drummer Jerry Riccardi joined the band
full time in the autumn of 2019 as our live
drummer and split drumming duties wtih Allen
on 2020's "The Green Piano."

Percussionist Carl Cherrito was briefly in the
lineup in November, 2020.

Johnny Marie's first solo album "Sweet, Soft Gollum"
was released in 2023 with musicians Chris Ruzich,
Danny Button, Jerry Riccardi, Allen Johnston, Dave
Storms, Leon Kopilevich, Patrick Meagher and Bill

Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias are currently
piling up songs for a seventh album.

You can find upcoming performances here.

Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias Discography

juiceboxberries (08/09/16)
Her Bows (10/31/16)
Gardenaire (05/05/17)
Land Ho (10/20/18)
The Green Piano (11/6/20)
Sweet, Soft Gollum (08/9/23)
SAURO! (01/27/24)
Blind Cat Missing (03/05/24)

All of the albums are available on BandCamp, iTunes,
Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube
and other popular music streaming and
sales sites. Physical CDs from our catalog
are for sale here.

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