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The Real Flower Pots Blind Cat Missing (2024) SAURO! (2024) Sweet, Soft Gollum (2023) The Green Piano (2020) Land Ho (2018) Gardenaire (2017) Her Bows (2016) juiceboxberries (2016) Girl for Samson


25 O'Clock Podcast (100.9 FM in Ontario)
Ashli Ahrens (ears)
John Bara (congas)
Meri Bara (one of the best that skipped away)
Tom Bowman (for still being Tom!)
Mani Brown (always willing to share ears)
Steven Brown (gear sharing)
Danny Button (guitars, vocals, keyboards, banjo)
Carl Cherrito (hand percussion)
Mark "Buzz" Collins (live sound)
Robert Cob (album artwork)
William Cox (album artwork)
Jason Curteman (initial construction, hosting, introductions, P.A. & anti-humidity solutions)
Karen Diehm (ears)
Dave Estes (keyboards)
Mike Evans (faithful concert goer)
Jill Fetterman (one of the best that skipped away)
Terry Gann (pedal steel) (hosting and vintage images)
Nelson Grinberg (album artwork)
Jezebel (gear sharing)
Allen Johnston (drums)
Kevin Kesterson (vocals, gear sharing, MacSupport, local distribution)
Barry Lee (Signal to Noise)
Michael Loftus (for being long-suffering and then not)
Mike Lytle (KKFI)
Bryan Mace (original live percussionist, drummer on "Land Ho")
Cara Mace (videographer)
Brian Marshall (bass)
DJ Mason (KKFI)
John McConnell (guitars)
Ayo McPherson (congas)
Patrick Meagher (guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion, horns)
Patrick Meagher (co-produced, mixed and mastered "juiceboxberries", "Gardenaire", "Land Ho", "The Green Piano" & "Sweet, Soft Gollum")
Thomas Montgomery (bass, keyboards, vocals, co-produced, mixed and mastered "Her Bows")
Steve Neal (vocals)
Tim Parson ("On The Wing" on WERU 89.9 FM)
Terry Powers (trumpet, trombone & tuba)
Jerry Riccardi (drums, vocals)
Chris Ruzich (bass, vocals, seeds)
DJ Joelle St. Pierre (loving & enthusiastic support)
Joe Savalto (keyboards)
Don Simmons (San Diego guitar connection!)
Scott Stanton (KKFI)
Dave Swiercinsky (bass, vocals, keyboards, french horn, cello)
Shannon Swift (vocals, keyboards)
Mike Tankersley (keyboards, vocals)
Rachel Thompson (vocals)
Roger Verseput (album artwork)
Walter Wade (album artwork)
Graeme Walker (graphic language)
Keith Washburn (Local Showcase)

These artists inspired me:

The Balancing Act
The Beatles
The Birthday Party
David Bowie
Captain Beefheart
The Clash
Cocteau Twins
Elvis Costello
The Doors
Nick Drake
Ian Dury
Bob Dylan
Fleet Foxes
Flight of the Conchords
Forevermore/Forever More
Gang of Four
Marvin Gaye
Helio Sequence
Robyn Hitchcock
Elton John
The Kinks
Nick Lowe
Via Mardot
Pink Floyd
The Ramones
The Residents
The Rolling Stones
Sex Pistols
Jane Siberry
Paul Simon
Elliott Smith
Patti Smith
The Smiths
The Stranglers
Talking Heads
The Uncle Devil Show
Violent Femmes
Yvette Young

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