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Blind Cat Missing (2024) SAURO! (2024) Sweet, Soft Gollum (2023) The Green Piano (2020) Land Ho (2018) Gardenaire (2017) Her Bows (2016) juiceboxberries (2016)

Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias began
as a recording project in 2014, featuring musicians from
Kansas City and around the United States. After producing
three albums we assembled a three-piece live band that
started playing around Kansas City in 2018. The live band
continued to grow and now includes five musicians performing
full sets from our seven album discography.

You can find upcoming performances here.

Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias Discography

juiceboxberries (08/09/16)
Her Bows (10/31/16)
Gardenaire (05/05/17)
Land Ho (10/20/18)
The Green Piano (11/6/20)
Sweet, Soft Gollum (08/9/23)
SAURO! (01/27/24)
Blind Cat Missing (03/05/24)

All of the albums are available on BandCamp, iTunes,
Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube
and other popular music streaming and
sales sites. Physical CDs from our catalog
are for sale here.

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